Grocery FAQs

Questions about the Supermarket Magic. 

What is the Supermarket Magic? 

The Supermarket Magic is a program designed to save you money on your grocery bill every time you shop. For example if you and your neighbor shopped for the same items on the same days at the same supermarket, over a one year period you will spend $1000 less than your neighbor by using this offer.

How do I use the Supermarket Magic? 

The grocery offer is a way to get coupons for all your grocery needs. You will receive a book with an authorization number and directory of products, you will select the products you want coupons for and fill out the order forms in the book then mail it in to order your coupons. Or you may order your coupons right on the website listed on your book which saves time and money. There is a $1.00 or $2.00 processing fee for every $10.00 of coupons requested depending on whether you order your coupons online ($1.00), or by mail ($2.00) but you will receive the $1 or $2 back in extra coupons. You will then take the coupons with you when you go to the store. 

Which supermarkets take these coupons? 

Any supermarket that accepts manufacturers coupons, will take these coupons. 


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Grocery FAQs

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